Attitudinal Engagement

Attitudinal or mental engagement is tricky to evaluate because advertising works in many different ways and its impact is both immediate and long lasting. The nature of a product, its lifecycle, brand history, competitive environment and a host of other factors, influence the goals and outcomes of advertising. It is important, therefore, that due emphasis is given to stated objectives, while diagnosing the effectiveness of a campaign.

To address these challenges, advertising research agencies employ a broad range of evaluative and diagnostic components to test advertising. The main evaluative components, which are relevant for both copy testing and advertising tracking, are:

  • Branded Memorability
  • Persuasion
  • Uniqueness
  • Likeability
  • Image and Symbolism
  • Relationship and Involvement
  • Emotion
  • Communication

Ad diagnostics answers questions such as: Do consumers like the ad? Does it speak to them personally? Will it increase their likelihood to buy the brand? Does it reinforce their commitment? Does the advertising and the brand stand out? Is it unique? Is the message getting through?

By employing these evaluative and diagnostic components, advertising research agencies can provide a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of a campaign, taking into account the unique context of the product, brand, and market.

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