Likert Scale

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Efficiently completed transaction/addressed query12345
Knowledgeable of banks’ products and services 12345
Provided simple and understandable explanations12345

Exhibit 5.1   Set of attitude question that can be combined to form a Likert scale.

A Likert scale is the sum of rating scale responses, to a collection of evaluative statements (Likert items) pertaining to a topic. It measures what these group of statements represent.

The first step in constructing a Likert scale is to generate statements covering different aspects, both positive and negative, of the subject. For example, a bank interested in assessing customers’ attitudes to teller service, may consider the following statements to gauge their level of satisfaction:

  • Efficiently completed transaction/addressed query
  • Knowledgeable of banks’ products and services
  • Courteous
  • Provided simple and understandable explanations

In cases where marketers are dealing with an unfamiliar subject, they may consider qualitative research to determine the statements or aspects that best reflect the respondent’s attitude to the subject.

Next, we need to determine the direction of the statement — does it reflect a positive or negative attitude towards the teller service? Statements that are positive or negative are retained, and those that are neutral are discarded.

The question to respondents is then framed on a multi-item rating scale, such as the one shown in Exhibit 5.1.

In this example we do not have any negative statements. However, if we did, those statements would be reverse scored (i.e., 5 becomes 1, 4 becomes 2 … and 1 becomes 5) during processing so that there is a uniform scale reflecting the intensity and direction.

A Likert scale is the sum of responses to all the statements or Likert items. In the previous example the scale will range from 4 to 20. It measures what these group of statements represent (i.e., teller satisfaction).

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