Strategic Marketing Training Workshop: Consumer Marketing

The digital age has fundamentally altered the manner we collect, process, analyse and disseminate market intelligence. Driven by advances in hardware, software and communications, the very nature of market research and analytics has changed, and new techniques have emerged.

The increased velocity of information flow enables marketers to respond with much greater speed to changes in the marketplace. Marketing analytics is timelier, less expensive, more actionable and accurate, and it is increasingly infused into today’s business decision-making processes.

This workshop combines theory with practice, linking the classroom with the consumer marketplace. It employs Destiny, a business simulator that mirrors the buying behaviour of consumers, to give participants the unique experience of running a virtual organization.

Based on established analytic techniques and research methodologies that leading consumer marketing companies like P&G, Unilever and Coca-Cola regularly use, the module is designed to train marketing professionals in the application of market intelligence, analytic techniques and research practices, for taking day-to-day marketing decisions, and for developing and executing marketing strategies.

To groom effective marketing decision makers, the course imparts a holistic learning experience in business management. Pitched against one another, participants learn to implement effective marketing and business strategies, and develop an understanding of what drives store choice and brand choice. They become proficient in the use of market knowledge and financial data for day-to-day business decisions pertaining to product development, marketing, retailing, category management, trade marketing, financial and business strategy. They learn to effectively use market intelligence and analytics in the real-world context where corporations need to manage business portfolios, compete with other companies, and build relationships with trade partners.

In addition to the experiential learning, presentations, class discussions and case studies, teams are coached business review meetings. It is a rigorous program that is intended to impart the critical analysis and decision-making abilities that practitioners need to tackle the issues they confront in marketing and retailing.