Destiny — Versions

Destiny – Market Simulator
for Executive Trainers and Educators

Destiny© is used in practice-oriented courses and workshops in marketing, for executive education as well as for Executive MBA, MBA, BBA and Business Analytics curriculums.

In this mode, Destiny is available in different configurations of teams, categories and markets, to suit class sizes from 15 to 50 participants.

Extensive support is provided to facilitate trainers and participants. This includes train-the-trainer programs as well assistance in running the training workshops.


Destiny – Market Simulator
for Self-Learners

If you are an independent learner, you may subscribe to the self-learner version of Destiny where you are pitched against computer-controlled teams. You have the option of playing as a manufacturer or as a retailer. You may swap teams, and play as often as you like over the subscription term.

The platform is equipped with extensive guidance materials including the training handbook, videos and a variety of support tools.

The annual subscription fee is USD 28. You can register and start your training on a trial basis, and pay the subscription fee after the trial decision.