Consumer Analytics

Loyalty Profile
Exhibit   Loyalty profile analysis.

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The dazzling array of consumer analytics techniques is one of the highlights of Destiny. No other market simulator supports features of a similar nature that permit participants to mine, filter and drill into continuous, shopper level transactions, to draw consumer insights.

The application and theory of consumer analytics is covered in the Marketing Analytics practitioner’s guide, mainly in Chapter 7, Consumer Analytics and Consumer Panels as well as in Chapter 11, Product Validation and a number of case studies.

Consumer analytics is ideal for diagnosing business issues, especially in markets where repeat purchasing is the norm. Destiny supports a wide repertoire of relevant techniques including width and depth of purchase, buyer groups, profile analysis, behavioural brand loyalty, trial and repeat purchase, overlap analysis, basket analysis, gain–loss and forecasting of new product sales. Click on these links for demonstration of the techniques:

While it attests to the scientific rigour and versatility of Destiny, the consumer analytics module is intended primarily for participants with knowledge of marketing analytics and research methods. Other participants work mostly with commonly used measures that are ported onto easy-to-use, web-based dashboards.