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Market Share (%Volume)
Nagara Drink5.
Athena Drink49.352.857.346.848.649.851.852.752.052.554.
Ginko Drink9.
Gui Hua2.
Wu Wei Zi3.
Mahonia Drink11.67.74.312.110.811.911.
Aloe Indica9.19.06.510.
Fuji Drink4.
Inula Drink5.
Volume '000 +
Nagara Drink260254234736367566559676460625656
Athena Drink2,3052,7173,255546565583611654658687718768798842847
Ginko Drink43743134311711210610310811310910293848383
Gui Hua118149188363526213036364741485148
Wu Wei Zi149179162473832324247434746383840
Mahonia Drink541396245141126140134116116887584605844
Aloe Indica42846437211711010496116122115112991028686
Fuji Drink199191187455148543648535450464546
Inula Drink241257192446164727467595851514743
Price ($/kg) +
Share in Segment (%Vol) +
Share in Trade (%Vol) +
Price in Trade ($/kg) +
Segment Contribution (%Vol) +
Trade Contribution (%Vol) +

Destiny teams are empowered with useful market information that is ported on custom designed, interactive, automated, online dashboards. They allow for the integration of market information from diverse sources in a manner that makes it easy and efficient to access and digest.

Destiny’s dashboards provide broad based information pertaining to market, trade, advertising and brand image, product development, and commercial details for the Ambrosia, Panacea and Hygenia markets. The content includes:

The Destiny market report which is updated after each decision cycle is configured as a collection of the following dashboards:

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show Market Dashboard
Hide Market Dashboard

This dashboard is specially configured for reviewing market trends. The report enables you to gauge the size of the market, its growth rate, and the performance of retailers, manufacturers, brands, channels and segments. It covers information on sales volume, sales value and price, across all channels and chains, and across all segments. If you are interested in reviewing a particular event or development, such as the growth or decline of a brand, you’ll want to first examine the trend in the market as a whole, and then review the same across channels, banners and segments. ... less

show Trade, Purchase and Promotion Dashboards
Hide Trade, Purchase and Promotion Dashboards

The trade, purchase and promotion dashboards provide for a detailed review of the performance of the retail chains and the lower trade. The information provided includes:

  • Sales Volume and Sales Value contribution across retail chains and channels, and across shopper segment.
  • Store Count.
  • Store Maintenance.
  • Purchases table provides information across brands on Sales Volume, Purchases, Stocks and Out Of Stock Days. This information is required by retailers for making purchasing decisions, and it is required by manufacturers for determining how much to produce.
  • Promotion Rating Points table provides information on which brands the retailer is supporting through what promotions.
  • Facings.
  • Banner image ratings.
  • Banner image profile.
... less

show Brand Image Dashboard
Hide Brand Image Dashboard

The brand image dashboard depicts advertising spend and advertising emphasis, and its impact on brand image. The dashboard covers information on:

  • Brand image.
  • Brand image profile.
  • Advertising spend.
  • Advertising emphasis.
... less

show Advertising Dashboard
Hide Advertising Dashboard

The advertising dashboard depicts the investment in advertising and trends in brand salience. The measures include:

  • Advertising spend.
  • Unaided (spontaneous) brand awareness.
  • Aided advertising awareness.
... less

show Product Dashboard
Hide Product Dashboard

The product dashboard provides details on the product ingredient composition, cost of ingredients, product utility (product quality) and utility index, and is ideally suited for product development.

Comparison between a product’s utility index and price index provides an understanding of the price performance gap. The break-up of costs across ingredients is useful for making trade-offs between product quality and material costs. ... less

show Commercial Dashboard
Hide Commercial Dashboard

The commercial dashboard covers commercial details such as trade price, ingredient costs, and production capacity. ... less

show Brand Dashboard
Hide Brand Dashboard

The Brand dashboards are configured for diagnosing the health of a brand. It provides in a single report, a drilldown of the measures (Price, Utility, Advertising Spend, Brand Image rating and profile, Promotion Rating Points, OOS Days, Purchases and Stocks) driving brand sales. ... less