Shelf Price:








Merchandising Score: 0

Facings   Total = 83 (max = 100)   
Very Low    
Very High    

Merchandising Notes and Guidelines

  • Minimum facings = 2, Maximum facings = 8. To change the number of facings of any item, double-click the item and select from the drop down list.
  • Packs of the same item are placed next to each other on the same shelf.
  • Sales of items stocked at eye level on shelves 2 and 3 (from top) are expected to increase by 1.5%, and sales of items at the bottom shelf are expected to decline by 3%.
  • Items for which the share of facings : share of sales ratio is less than 0.75 are likely to experience stockouts.
  • Merchandising: To improve shopper experience, you need to move products around and block them in a manner that is aligned with how they shop the category. Consumer decision trees which essentially identify and prioritize the decisions a shopper makes while shopping, provide a good basis for merchandising.
  • Based on our understanding of the cereals category, plannogrammer assumes shoppers prioritize segments over other product attributes. Accordingly you should block products within their segments.
  • Tracking item adjacencies, the merchandising score which ranges from 0 to 100, reflects how well items are aligned within their segments. Score of 85 or more is good.