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In the age of analytics, The Marketing Analytics Practitioner’s Guide serves as a comprehensive guide to marketing management, covering the underlying concepts and their application.

As advances in technology transform the very nature of marketing, there has never been greater need for marketers to learn marketing.

Essentially a practitioner’s guide to marketing management in the 21st century, the guide blends the art and the science of marketing to reflect how the discipline has matured in the age of analytics.

Application oriented, it imparts an understanding of how to interpret market intelligence and use analytics and marketing research for taking day-to-day marketing decisions, and for developing and executing marketing strategies.

Article — Redefining how we learn marketing.

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Typesetting Errors (in print version)

  • Page 144, 2nd line: The word ‘triangulation’ has been left out from the sentence: “This use of multiple approaches to examine an issue, in order to enhance confidence in the ensuing findings, is referred to as triangulation”.
  • Page 655, 2nd, 5th and 8th line: Instead of the symbol omega, ω, the symbol sigma, σ, should have been used in the formulae.