YouTube Brand Channels

Exhibit 13.19   GoPro’s brand channel showcases products like Karma — “… more than a drone … a complete video stabilization system”.

A YouTube Brand Channel is a place where consumers can engage with brands on YouTube, and learn about products and service. People can watch the brand’s videos, add and read comments, subscribe, friend and share the channel with others.

For instance, GoPro’s YouTube channel (Exhibit 13.19) unveils a slew of exciting videos that showcase their products. Their playlist includes a few thousand videos across 30 different categories of interest to their customers. Some of these videos have been viewed several million times.

YouTube analytics support a wide array of metrics including channel views, total uploaded video views, subscribers, friends, channel comments. This information on the performance of the brand’s videos is particularly useful for those brand owners who want to test out their ads before launching them on media that are more expensive.

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