Marketing Analytics and Digital Marketing

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Practitioner's guide to Marketing Analytics and Research Methods.

Destiny marketing simulation

Marketing Simulator

Destiny FMCG Marketing Simulator for learning consumer marketing through experience. Ideal for training in marketing, brand management, category management, trade marketing, sales and market research.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Practitioner’s guide to Digital Marketing and Advertising Analytics.

Marketing Analytics Solutions

Analytics Solutions

Analytics solutions for marketing: consumer analytics, retail analytics, promotion, market mix modelling and quantitative research methods.

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Ashok Charan

Associate Professor (Practice), NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

Publisher/Developer — MarketingMind, Destiny Marketing Simulator.
Author — Practitioner’s Guidebooks: Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing.


Ashok is author of books on marketing analytics and digital marketing, creator of the Destiny marketing simulator and developer of various tools and solutions for practitioners, including MarketingMind, an eGuide for consumer analysts and marketing professionals.

A marketing veteran, he has over 25 years of industry experience in general management, corporate planning, business development, market research and marketing. Prior to joining the NUS Business School, Ashok worked with Nielsen and Unilever. At Nielsen, he assumed a number of roles including Managing Director for Singapore, and Regional Area Client Director — Asia Pacific. His experience spans both business and consumer marketing, and he remains active in consulting in the areas of marketing analytics and research, business intelligence platforms and data integration.

He is an engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and a post-graduate in business management (PGDM) from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.


Used by hundreds of thousands of practitioners, MarketingMind is the leading analytics platform for marketing professionals. It serves as a comprehensive online guide to marketing management, covering underlying concepts and their application, and fusing marketing concepts with the analytical tools that practitioners use, to impart an understanding of how to interpret and apply market intelligence.

MarketingMind is also separately configured as a subscription based eLearning platform, Marketing Analytics Practitioner’s Guide (MAPG), for training practitioners and students. This eBook includes case studies, exercises, question banks, pdfs, facilities for adding notes/comments, plus a comprehensive teaching guide for educators.

Destiny, Marketing Simulator

Destiny truly reflects the food and personal care categories simulating households individually, across their purchasing journey cycles, using market models that predict consumers’ responses to the elements of the marketing mix.

Its dashboards exhibit market intelligence the way it is depicted by analytics firms. Yet the information is better integrated and easier to digest. Destiny also supports a dazzling array of consumer analytics techniques that permit participants to mine, filter and drill into continuous, shopper level transactions.

Ashok uses Destiny and MAPG in experiential learning programs for executive education, Executive MBA and other business management programs.


Ashok Charan,
Publisher/Developer — MarketingMind, Destiny Marketing Simulator.
Author — Practitioner’s Guidebooks: Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing.
Associate Professor (Practice), NUS Business School, National University of Singapore,
Marketing Analytics: Contact by e-mail

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